What are Positive affirmations ?

Positive Affirmations are positive statements that describe in positive words a desired situation, event, habit or goal, and which are repeated mentally or aloud. These statements, which are actually auto suggestions , are repeated often, until they take root in the subconscious mind and influence it. If they are repeated with faith, earnestness and attention, they change the thinking patterns of the subconscious mind, which in consequence, develops new habits, attitudes and skills, and also creates better circumstances. There is nothing supernatural about them. They just trigger natural forces into action.

Positive Affirmations resemble small drops of water that constantly fall on a rock. 

The drops are light and small. Yet, over a period of time they affect and change the shape of the rock in a most visible way. The act of repeating affirmations gradually changes the thought patterns, images and habits of the subconscious mind, and consequently the way it acts, just like the action of the constantly falling drops of water.

Positive Affirmations express desires in words. 

These positive words automatically create mental images of the desires in the mind of the one saying them, and in this, affirmations resemble creative visualization. People, who find it difficult to visualize, may find that affirmations are easier to use. The repeated affirmations gradually get accepted by the mind as truth, and affect the actions and behavior of the person involved. The accumulated power of the repeated affirmations pushes and drives out of the subconscious mind thoughts, attitudes and habits that are not in harmony with the affirmations, and changes the contents of the subconscious mind from negative and restrictive thoughts, to positive and constructive ones.

The new contents of the mind affect, change and improve the person, and attract corresponding situations, events circumstances and people into his life.

Positive Affirmations Affirmations are powerful tools for inspiring, motivating and conditioning The mind to maintain a positive attitude and belief in one’s ability to succeed. They are intended to define and specify a particular desired goal, habit or situation in clear and definite terms, and to help focus the attention on it.

• Affirmations are not empty, parrot-like repetitions of sentences.
• Affirmations are not sentences that are repeated like a worn out record.
• The purpose of affirmations is not to ignore reality and block the mind from thinking.
• Affirming does not make a person ignore reason and common sense.
• Affirmations are not meant to make you live in a closed imaginary

Positive Affirmations are powerful positive sentences that make wishes come true. They energize, inspire and motivate the person using them, and condition and program the mind to maintain positive attitude and beliefs. Saying an affirmation just once or even several times is not enough. It usually needs to be repeated often, before it can stimulate the subconscious mind into action, unless the desire is very strong, concentrated and loaded with emotions.

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